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Project Green partnered with Adelaide City Council on the "Park Tree Data Collection & Condition Audit" in Parks 17-22, Adelaide City Parklands, aiming to enhance tree data accuracy (≤ ±0.5m from the tree trunk center). This included collecting tree attributes, conducting a condition audit, and identifying missing trees for integration into the councils asset management system.

The project encountered significant challenges, including overseeing the data collection of several thousand trees within a tight timeframe, managing interactions with homeless individuals and their campsites located throughout the parklands, and addressing concerns from protestors. The protestors mistakenly believed that Project Green was surveying trees for removal, which was not the case. All challenges were professionally and compassionately managed by our field staff.


Using the advanced EDEN4 software, the project successfully collected data for over 14,000 trees. This sophisticated software was instrumental, enabling precise data capture and contributing significantly to the management and sustainability of Adelaide City Parklands.

Managed by Project Green, this demanding project highlighted the crucial role of EDEN4 in ensuring accurate, comprehensive data collection for effective parkland management. The compiled dataset, provided to the Council, not only updated their assets database but also paved the way for improved public accessibility in the future

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