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Ovingham Level Crossing - Tree Transplant

In 2021, Project Green, in collaboration with PGG companies Austral & Wood For Good, led the Ovingham Level Crossing Grade Separation Project.


The focus was on meticulous removal, care, and transplanting of established palm trees for a new road bridge at Ovingham Railway Station. Skilled arborists managed this in a busy area with significant foot traffic, demonstrating high expertise and precision.

Beyond relocating palms, all wood from required vegetation clearance found purpose. Some was donated to local schools and used in public art, while the rest was processed by Wood for Good, our social enterprise. It transforms unwanted wood into high-quality firewood, with profits supporting charitable endeavors via the Hosking Foundation.

Proud of our involvement, we value collaboration with McConnell Dowell, building on past successful partnerships. The impactful Ovingham project promises to make a significant community difference, and we are honored to have played a pivotal role.

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