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Riverland - Flood Impacted Vegetation

In 2023, Project Green assessed vegetation along flood-impacted roads in the Riverland for the Department of Infrastructure & Transport (DIT) as part of broader flood recovery works post the 2022 flooding event.


This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to aiding local communities in swiftly returning to normalcy after significant climatic events. The demanding project was made possible through the sophisticated EDEN4 software.


A total of 32 assessments were meticulously conducted across Stott Highway, Angus Valley Road, Randell Street, Hunter Road, Burdett Road, and Wellington.


Based on audit findings, Project Green provided recommendations. Trees with a high hazard rating underwent immediate pruning or remedial action, while those with a medium hazard rating were scheduled for action within six months.


This strategic approach aimed at mitigating potential risks ensures the safety and resilience of local infrastructure. Our involvement in the Riverland Flooding Response project highlights our dedication to environmental assessment and management, playing a pivotal role in the region's recovery efforts.

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