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Large Scale Tree Mapping

Whether it be a whole suburb or a whole city Project Green has the ability to plan, map, measure and manage your green assets. Check out our Adelaide City Council project profile to learn more about this service.

Tree risk management

Site/Risk Management & Reporting

Project Green arborists are training in worlds best practice risk assessment methodologies for green open space management.

Check out our Riverland flood mapping project profile to learn more about this service.

open space management
Street & Open Space Master Planning

Project Green recognises the challenges that climate change presents to ongoing tree management and are qualified in providing solutions that best address these challenges. Check out our Seacliff Rail Station project profile to learn more about this service.

pest control near me
Effective Tree Pest & Disease Control

Project Green arborist's have been successfully treating pests and disease in trees (including Elm Leaf beetle) since 2011.

tree management software

Tree & Green Asset Management software

EDEN4's cutting edge green asset management software platform is currently exclusively available through engagement with the Project Green.

development impact on trees

Review of Development Reports

Project Green has extensive experience in producing and reviewing development impacts on trees and are able to provide innovative design solutions. Check out our Ovingham project profile to learn more about this service.

Project Green


Project Green are pioneers in Australian Arboricultural Consultancy and are proud members of pgg.


Since 1998 Project Green have blended responsible business practices, revolutionary technology, and professional expertise to provide comprehensive list of professional tree consulting services.


Our highly skilled and qualified team focus on technical/regulatory compliance, responsible environmental practices, innovative use of technology, and implementation of ISO 45001 accredited standards to ensure we deliver the best service possible.

So, whether you're a homeowner, business, or a government agency, choose Project Green for our expertise in trees.

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Project Green proudly uses the EDEN4 software platform to keep track of every tree under their care by capturing essential data such as species, size, health, issues, risks, and required works.


By leveraging the power of data analytics, the EDEN4 software helps to identify areas of high risk or low resilience, and guide decision-making around maintenance, planting, and other interventions.

We believe that what gets measured, gets managed, and through the continued development and use of the EDEN4 software, we now can actively and effectively measure and manage one of the most precious resources we have - trees.

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Why Choose Project Green?

  • 20+ years of industry experience

  • Expertise in navigating complex legislative requirements

  • ISO accredited standards for Quality, Environment & Safety Management (9001, 14001 & 45001)

  • Collaborative approach to consultation

  • A proud member of the pgg (Project Green Group) offering access to a comprehensive (end to end) arboricultural service

  • ‘Rapid Reporting’ capability for when quick turnarounds are a priority

  • Use of the cutting edge EDEN4 software platform

  • Focus on responsible environmental practices





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Arborists jobs

Join our team

Are you passionate about trees and looking to make a positive impact on the environment? At Project Green, we are constantly seeking individuals who share our dedication to responsible tree management.


Whether you already have expertise in this field or are eager to develop it, we invite you to become part of our mission: "Caring for people and planet through responsible tree management."

If you're interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by filling out the contact form below, and let's work together and create a greener future.




If you would like to book a consultation or simply learn more about how Project Green can help you, then please call: (08) 8283 1300 or fill out the form below.

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To apply for a job with Project Green, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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